Embrace the Darkness, my paranormal romantic suspense and the sequel to Out of the Darkness is now available exclusively on Amazon until June 21, when the book will officially be released in both print and digital formats to ALL on-line retailers, including Barnes & Noble and my publisher, The Wild Rose Press.
In the meantime, I hope to offer excerpts from the book to entice readers into ordering it. Each of these excerpts (see previous two posts) include lines I borrowed from people I know in real life.

Today’s “quote from real people” comes from friend, co-worker, and summertime beach buddy, Jennifer. Jennifer’s “catch phrase” is the bold print in the excerpt below.

Set up: The heroine is ex-soldier turned detective Amber Buckley. She and her partner are investigating the Lifeblood of America murders. Two employees of the blood and tissue bank turned research facility were brutally murdered and another employee is missing. During the course of the investigation, Amber meets Gerard Delaroche, assistant CEO of the company–a vampire posing as a mortal with a light sensitivity disorder so he can more easily pass as human.

In this excerpt, Amber has already learned Gerard’s dark secret and she’s soon going to discover some hidden secrets in her own past when she meets a vampire, Nicolas, who’s either protecting her or stalking her. But which is it?


Her pulse quickened. “That’s how Timmons found
out. Isn’t it?”

“He wasn’t a colonel then,” Nicolas said, “but it
was the beginning of his obsession with vampires.”

Gerard had been kidnapped because of her mother.
She’d started this chain of events when she ignited
Timmons’ compulsion to create the perfect soldier. And
a vampire killed her to stop her from telling anyone
else. So much tragedy because her mother tried to do the right thing.

No good deed goes unpunished.