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bookscrollWilder Hearts: A Western Hearts Novel (Book 2)

Writing about the outlaw, Jake the Snake, could be the opportunity of a lifetime—if it doesn’t get her killed.

SLIGHTLY NOBLE- Jack is an American privateer turned Viscount in need of a wife, but will Abby ever be more than the unwanted spouse of a Slightly Noble peer?


SLIGHTLY TARNISHED- Can the daughter of an American sea captain make a proper countess?

Slightly Tarnished Reviews!


OUT OF THE DARKNESS- Her research could cure his dark hunger if a covert government agent doesn’t get to her first.

A Secret Revealed

EMBRACE THE DARKNESS: Book 2 of THE DARKNESS series- To find their way into the light, Amber and Gerard must first EMBRACE THE DARKNESS.


WHOLESALE HUSBAND– She needs his name. He needs her money. But can a rich New York socialite and a poor Irish immigrant find true love in the gilded age?

Do I Need an Agent?

HELPLESS HEARTS- Can a former gunslinger find redemption through love?

Helpless Hearts

HEART OF THE MATTER- An anthology from- Heart of Carolina Romance Writers-Heart of the Matter is a great resource for ideas, inspiration, and practical advice. A must have for your craft shelf.