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Review for Winds of Time by Romance Novels for the Beach: “What I love about any Lilly Gayle historical romance is that we always learn about a unique chapter of history, and in most cases they are lessons which I never really had the opportunity to study fully in school. In each instance my interest is spurned to learn more! ” ~

Rosie’s Review of Winds of Time

: ” I would easily recommend this to readers who enjoy historical romance.”

Review of Winds of Time from Reading Alley:

“The author carefully blended two genres to create a heart warming tale. It was done in such a way that it avoided most of the predictability, and gave the reader a reason to turn the pages.”

“Winds of Time” is an exceptional story that blends history with fiction to produce a novel that accurately describes the prejudice towards Native Americans in the eighteen hundreds. Dylan Casey, “a half-breed”, personifies the resentment felt by anyone having a single drop of Indian blood in their veins during that time. Ms. Gayle richly describes the wild plains as well as the small towns and homes of Selena and Dylan. One can almost smell the dust kicked up on their journeys.


July 21, 2018

Lilly Gayle will be signing copies of Winds of Time at the South Branch of the Granville County Library in Creedmoor, NC.

MAY 19, 2018

Lilly Gayle Book Signing!


 · Hosted by Dog-Eared Books
Come see me on Saturday, May 19th from 1-4 PM.

I’ll be signing copies of my Western Hearts Novels, Helpless Hearts and Wilder Hearts at

4027 Atlantic Ave, Raleigh, North Carolina 27604

Review of Wilder Hearts

“I thought this novel would be a light-hearted read but Gayle has not shied away from touching on some dark areas of life and there is a degree of gritty realism to her writing.”

Kam’s Place: Review of Wilder Hearts

 “So if you like sexy lawmen, women who’s attitude are as big as their bosom, then pick up this book. “

Reviews for Wilder Hearts from Reading Alley:

“This is a great read for Western Romance and crime-fiction lovers, alike!”

Review for Wilder Hearts From Good Books with Tea:

“Great plot, great pace, great romance! It’ll keep your heart racing for more reasons than one!”


“The author expertly uses accurate descriptions of that time period to really sell the time and place of the old west.” ~ Hungry Monster Review of Wilder Hearts.



From Marie’s Tempting Reads~ Wilder Hearts gets a SURPRISING AWESOME FIVE SHOOTING STARS! It truly is an incredible western book. Who knew, one could enjoy a western so much.


Wilder Hearts- A Western Hearts Novel (Book 2) by Lilly Gayle

“A brilliant, well written book. The characters jump off the page and make you part of their world.”~4182788 Melanie Adkins Have you Heard My Book Review?

Romance Novels 4 the Beach: Review of Wilder Hearts.

Wilder Hearts by Lilly Gayle

Phew! I feel like I can finally take a breath after finishing this book. What with all the murder, mystery, and sexual awakening going on here. For all you history buffs out there who might have an interest in true crime, you’ll prolly like this one! OMG Jake and Ellie!! Love ’em! And their first time together was just oh so wonderful.


Slightly Noble won first place in the historical novel division of the OKRWA 2015 International Digital Awards Contest.

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Still Moments Magazine 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards

SMMagazine 2016 Four.FiveStars

Once I started reading SLIGHTLY NOBLE I was hooked, and I suggest anyone looking for an out of the ordinary romance could do no better.

Family drama and changing fortunes with a chilling conclusion make the excellent SLIGHTLY NOBLE a story you will certainly remember.

Fresh Fiction Reviews

Romance Novels for theBeach

Slightly Noble by Lilly Gayle

Oh my God this book was just what I needed!! I have sort of been in a contemporary romance bubble for a while, so I’ve been craving a really good historical romance novel. This one definitely delivered. I mean, it’s got everything you need for a great historical read: sullied reputations, a sexy sea-captain, and discovering pleasure in oh so many wonderful ways.

 The Book Breeze

Slightly Noble by Lilly Gayle

Lilly Gayle paints a realistic picture of the social expectations in nineteenth century England. From the characters of the noble class to the low life who run baby farms, Gayle populates the book with dynamic characters who help the reader understand the time period.

This book is a must read for those who enjoy historical romance with a touch of suspense.

coffeeCoffee and Review with Book Maven gave Embrace the Darkness 5 stars!

 “I adored Amber and Gerard’s love story.  Also, the intimate scenes are steamy and quite exciting.  The story with the intrigue was a great addition that kept you hooked and wanting to read more.  I think that Amber finding out about her parents and her heritage was a great addition that truly helped to move the story along.  Overall, this was a wonderful read that will keep you turning the pages up until the end.”

“Embrace the Darkness is an exciting book with great characters and lots of twist and turns. Gerard is a great vamp character looking for his way out of darkness. Amber is a strong female character looking for something and finding it with our vamp. Overall a great read. I recommend this book.”

Manic Readers 4 stars from Manic Readers!

Embrace the Darkness:

“Once the romance between Amber and Gerard gets rolling and astounding secrets from the past are revealed, you won’t be able to put this book down! I guarantee the gripping conclusion will hold you spell-bound until the very last word.

Satin Sheets Romance gave Embrace the Darkness 4.5 stars!

“There is a story within a story, there is romance and some plain old “buddy” type action. Something for everyone so enjoy the story.”

 Satin Sheets Romance gave Helpless Hearts 4 stars  “Ms. Gayle did a tremendous job of bringing me back to the old west, and I loved this read. There was action, intrigue, heart-wrenching choices and love. The story pulled on my heartstrings several times throughout the read, and was very entertaining. ”

News & Reviews for the Self-Published with a Romantic Flair.

“Helpless Hearts is a historical Western that grabs one’s attention from the very first page and is filled with all the action, angst and adventure any wild west fan could crave!”

Out of the Darkness is a Top Pick for me. I just loved the plot and the interaction between Vincent and Megan. The sensual scenes were hot and the ending was done just right.

Siren Book Reviews

I love Vincent the Vampire! Out of Darkness is a wonderful romance story that is action packed.

Out of the Darkness: This is a must-read for those who like their paranormals to feel entirely possible.

Out of the Darkness is the most original and thought provoking vampire novel I’ve run across in a long, long time. I adamantly recommend it.

I highly recommend this book as a fast paced book, with wonderful characters and excellent story line.

Ms. Gayle’s plot is full of twists and turns and peopled with vibrant secondary characters that are nearly as interesting as the hero and heroine.

Slightly Tarnished: Lilly Gayle spins a tale one part suspense and one part family dysfunction.

Slightly Tarnished:                                                Ms. Gayle weaves a delightful tale that keeps you entertained and wanting to keep turning those pages to find out what happens next.

WHOLESALE HUSBAND is a perfect example of why historical romances appeal to readers. This is a realistic but compelling story of two characters readers will care about and want to find their happily ever after.

Wholesale Husband:          This is an utterly charming story and that’s not a word I use often. The characters are captivating and the setting authentic. If historical fiction is your thing, then this story is a ‘must-read’.

Wholesale Husband is rich in sharp dialogue that kept this reader thoroughly interested.Lilly Gayle creates a well-developed plot that made this story truly captivating; a spectacular read that will be hard to forget.