Today, I’m going to be lazy. Kind of like in that Bruno Mars song I like so much. Or, at least that’s what I’d like to be doing today. I’d like to lay in my bed and read. Or sit at my desk in my PJ’s and write. But, despite having the day off, I have a dozen or more things I need to accomplish.

 My daughter and her husband have been gone for a week now. They headed back to Germany last Friday. It feels as if they’ve been gone a month. They were with his family the first week, split the difference the second week, and spent most of that third week with us. So, my husband and I took a week off to be with them. We didn’t really go anywhere. We had more of a stacation than a vacation, but we stuffed that week full of fun.

There was bowling, fishing, pool parties, shopping, and lots of dining out. People were in and out all week, mostly my daughter’s girl friends from “the old days” lol, and a cousin that’s always been like a daughter to me. It was a fun week. And now,  I feel as if I’m a month behind on everything. Writing, cleaning, laundry.

My daughter did her own laundry while she was here. She even helped keep the towels washed. But, there were just so many towels. Especially beach towels from the pool parties. They take up a lot of room in the wash. And I’m still behind. But at least I got all the sheets washed and fresh ones put on the bed. Even mine.

Despite the fact that the house needs cleaning, today was supposed to be my Lazy Day. I was going to do a little laundry, a little reading and a lot of writing. But, now the air conditioner on my car is on the fritz. My youngest graduates from UNC’s Radiation Therapy program this weekend and we still don’t have new dresses to wear and I have a dozen errands to run.

So, I guess I’ll jut have to pop in a CD, find that Bruno Mars song, and turn the volume way up in the car while I’m driving around, running those errands, and wishing I could have my Lazy Day to do nothing but read and write.

What do you like to do on your lazy days?