There’s been much talk on the writer loops about using photos on blogs and trailers. I have two book trailers–although I’m having issues re-uploading my trailer for Out of the Darkness–you can see the trailer I created for Slightly Tarnished at

The photographs for both trailers came from multiple locations.  For my Out of the Darkness photo (hopefully to be re-posted to my website soon!) my brother used my personal photographs and some he had and he drew in the characters so they’re kind of like avatars. Very cool. But I made the trailer for Slightly Tarnished. Luckily, I had my brother to give me advice.

For Slightly Tarnished, I used many of my own photographs or ones my daughter sent to me from Europe.Some of the London photographs I found in the public domain. And I also purchased photographs from and Jimmy Thomas’ site . 

If you write romance and need a sexy cover or picture, Jimmy probably has the pic you need and he’s resonably priced.
I purchased the music for both sites at Great soundtracks with “movie-like” themes.

But for scenic photos or pictures of the every day, check out my 100 % free photos on the facebook page I created specifically for photo sharing.

Feel free to use the pictures or share some of your own on my page. For photo sharing, you must own the rights to the photograph or have written permission to share them for the purpose stated. But the photos I’ve posted are there to use. Enjoy.