When looking for a book to read, how do you decide? Do you go by word of mouth recommendations? Do you only read certain authors? What criteria do you use when choosing a book?

Although the old adage says, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, it’s usually what draws my attention in a bookstore. If I see a cover that intrigues me, I it up and see who wrote it. Then I turn the book over and read the blurb. If I’m in the mood for a historical and the book is a historical, I usually buy it. Or even if I’m in the mood for a historical and the book is a romantic suspense, if the back cover blurb is good, I’ll still buy the book.

When shopping on line, I usually search by genre. Then I’ll read the book description and maybe a review or two before deciding. The cover has less impact on my decision if I buy on line. I don’t really know why that is…

But according to a fellow Wild Rose Press writer, Sarah Grimm- http://www.authorsarahgrimm.blogspot.com– some readers will pick up a book and read page 99 before deciding what book to read.

So, just for giggles, I looked up page 99 of OUT OF THE DARKNESS. And here’s what I found:

couldn’t accept?” he asked softly.

“Yeah. Something like that.” She glanced
nervously upward, finally meeting his eyes. She
looked wary. Afraid.
And oh so vulnerable.

He leaned in, his arm snaking around her
waist, pulling her closer. Her muscles strained,
but she didn’t resist as he drew her in and slowly
lowered his head.

“And would you have put me in
your sister’s bed?” He raised a finger to trace the
outline of her mouth.

She trembled, her breath escaping her parted
lips in a breathy sigh. Warm air brushed his
fingertips, stirring his senses. Heating his blood.

“I don’t know.” Her breasts rose and fell with
each shuddering breath she took, her soft curves
brushing the hard wall of his chest.

She pulled her plump bottom lip between her
teeth and looked up with pleading eyes. Eyes that
begged him to make the decision for her.

Blood rushed to his groin, awakening an
insatiable hunger, but not for blood. For the taste
of her lips. Just one taste. A taste that would
haunt him in his dreams as the last one had.
He groaned.

And lowered his mouth to hers.

Her lips parted, and God help him, she
responded just as she had that first time. She
melted against him, pulling his head closer,
taking his tongue deep inside until he was hot
and straining against her.

She tasted so damn good. A heady mix of
wine and woman. Mortal woman.

Warm blooded, mortal woman.

Blood roared through his veins, pounding in
his ears in a primitive rhythm. And the dark
hunger reared its ugly head. A craving for blood
and sex. An uncontrollable yearning.

So, would this excerpt make you want to read the book? Or find another?

And just why is page 99 in most ever book I pick up this intriguing?

I wish I knew. But I like this new technique for choosing a book.

How about you? What’s on page 99 of your favorite book?