Pride. Conceit. Bragging. Boasting. These are all such negative words and bring to mind characteristics I don’t like. Which really makes it hard for me to promote my own book.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of my accomplishments. OUT OF THE DARKNESS is a good book. Okay, it’s a great book with a unique twist on the whole vampire theme. But saying that sounds, well…conceited. But if I don’t love my work, why should I expect anyone else to care enough about it to read it?

Saying I wrote a book and people might want to read it isn’t going to help my career. But I don’t want to run around telling people I wrote the best vampire book ever written either.

There has to be a balance between pride and humility.

In order to successfully self-promote, writers have to take that ego trip. They have to love their own books and they have to brag. But in order to avoid the pitfalls of arrogance, a writer needs to stay humble. Staying humble and being polite provide that necessary balance between self-promoting and obnoxious bragging.

Are there other ways to self-promote without coming across as arrogant? I’d love suggestions. In the meantime, I’d like to thank everyone who’s read my blog or my book. But if you haven’t read OUT OF THE DARKNESS, I hope you will soon.

It really is a good book. Here are just a few reviews:

“Out of the Darkness is a Top Pick for me. I just loved the plot and the interaction between Vincent and Megan. The sensual scenes were hot and the ending was done just right. The villains were chilling and Vincent’s history compelling. This was an action packed and exciting read.”

Read the entire review at:

“Lilly Gayle presents in a detailed, accurate manner a rational paranormal romance. The two main characters in this story jump right off the pages and engage the reader….This is a must-read for those who like their paranormals to feel entirely possible.”
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And from R.Booth:
“The plot turns, the familiar settings and the sexual scenes between Megan and Vincent were a fantastic, a can’t put down read and the surprising ending was superb with supporting characters such as a compelling vixon (Sonia), and a best friend (Tina). Of course, as an added attraction there were very chilling villains.
OUT OF THE DARKNESS is Lilly Gayle’s first novel, but I’m sure there will be many more entertaining novels in the future.”