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Summer is in full swing, and I’m finally reading again. If you’re like me and like finding great stories to read during the summer, check out the latest by Laura Browning.

Last Call (A Place to Call Home Book 3)


A Place to Call Home…
It’s exactly what Caleb Allred wants and exactly why he’s returned to Mountain Meadow, Virginia to open his dream of a sports bar. Last Call is his only baby. Or so he thought.

The last person Leah Scott wants to see face to face is Caleb. They already have a history. He just doesn’t know about it, and at this point, she’s not telling.

Fate has a way of changing things, though, and now Caleb and Leah have to find a way to pull together for the sake of the son they share.

Don’t miss Last Call, book three of a sexy new contemporary series from author Laura Browning.

My Review:

Ms. Browning puts a new spin on the secret baby trope in this romantic family drama featuring another Allred sibling. Leah is not your typical accomplished heroine, but she is determined. Her trashy family and abusive father have made her a virtual outcast in the Blue Ridge town where everyone knows and respects the Allred family. If not for that one night, Caleb Allred wouldn’t have given her a second look…or would he?

Caleb isn’t as oblivious to Leah has always believed, but she was always so shy, and her family so unlike Caleb’s family or any other family he knows in town, he didn’t think twice about leaving town and making a name for himself along the coast. But when he returns to Mountain Meadow, Leah is not only a beautiful woman trying to make a living at the local florist and get out from under her father’s thumb, she’s also a single mother. And her son looks hauntingly familiar.

I love this series. I’ve read the first two books in Ms. Browning’s A Place to Call Home Series, and while I enjoyed the first two, this book is my favorite…so far. But there’s another book in the series that features Caleb’s twin brother, and if the teasers in Last Call are any indication, I might just like the next book even better than this one.

Last Call is available through Amazon and most online retailers.

About the Author:

Laura Browning graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Journalism mainly because a wise person, namely her father, suggested Journalism might be a steadier income than trying to write romance. She has worked in television markets in Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and North Carolina. In 2001, she won a Regional Emmy for her work writing and producing.

After dealing with reality for far longer than she should have, the urge to spin stories from the fiber of fiction outweighed her desire to report only the facts. Now she combines her writing career with teaching English.

Browning lives in the South with her husband, son, and a menagerie of animals that runs the gamut from horses to a lizard. When she’s not writing, Laura enjoys reading, photography, baking and contemplating actually having time to ride her horses.