“Don we now our gay apparel!”

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, and Merry Whatever You Celebrate this time of year. But do you don your gay apparel?

I used to. EVERY year–even if it was just Christmas sweats. Even when I didn’t wear holiday clothes, like my black sweater vest with snowmen and snowflakes on it, I’d wear Christmas colors. 






As recently as 2016, when my children asked me not to re-wear an old Christmas shirt or sweater, I wore my Santa apron, but I missed my Christmas attire.

I used to own an adorable denim shirt with kitties in Santa hats and a black velvet collar that I loved. I think I wore it more than one year. Then a couple of years ago, my daughter asked to borrow an ugly Christmas sweater for a themed Christmas party. I sent her a Santa sweater I wore back in the 90’s..one in which not a single picture exists because I’m usually the one behind the camera…and my Santa kitty shirt. My daughter was appalled that I still owned them. She threatened to burn them. lol!


I did get them back but have since donated them. Apparently, the Santa hat kitty shirt was more then 15 years old. I don’t have a picture of me in it the year I bought it, but here are pics from 1997 and 2007–proof my daughters are right. I do need to update my wardrobe. lol!



Some years, I don’t think I was festive enough…although, my girls always wore Christmas shirts or dresses until they were old enough to refuse. lol!


I actually miss those times, and I love seeing my granddaughters in Christmas clothes.

This year, I don’t have any new holiday outfits, just holiday earrings. Still, I’m not abandoning my gay apparel completely. I plan to wear Christmas colors. But is the headband too much?


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!