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It’s finally happened. I finished book two of my Western Heart Series. Wilder Hearts is a stand alone romance novel featuring Jake Harper, a young boy in the first book, Helpless Hearts.

Today, I’m not only revealing the cover for my soon-to-be released sequel, I’m also sharing the new and improved cover for the first book, Helpless Hearts.

Helpless Hearts Blurb:

Helpless HeartsCan a former gunslinger find redemption through love?

Former gunslinger Noah Sinclair returned home so he could regain his respectability. Instead of redemption, he finds temptation in Juliana Jeffries—a woman engaged to the man who offered him a job and a second chance. Despite Noah’s loyalty to his boss, Noah’s Helpless Heart still yearns for Juliana—a woman with dreams and ambitions that don’t include a former gunslinger.

Noah stole Juliana’s heart years ago, but then he left town to avenge his father’s death. Now, she dreams of becoming a doctor and she’s obliged to marry Avery, a man with a secret she’s sworn to protect. Noah’s return could test her loyalty, her ambition, and her heart.

Wilder Hearts Blurb:

Wilder heartsWriting about the outlaw, Jake the Snake, could be the opportunity of a lifetime—if it doesn’t get her killed.

When Ellie Wilder takes her sister from their grandfather’s home, she’s  determined to put her family back together and write of their adventures.  Then she runs into Jacob Harper, a man who resembles Jake the Snake, a notorious outlaw who once rode with Billy the Kid. Is it possible the outlaw who escaped justice has mended his ways? Or is the handsome Mr. Harper now murdering servant girls in Austin? Finding out the truth could be the journalistic opportunity of a lifetime.

Former Texas Ranger Jake Harper has returned to Texas to help solve the Servant Girl Annihilator murders. But when a similar murder occurs in Harmony, Texas, Jake goes undercover as Jake the Snake to find a connection between the series of brutal murders. Then Ellie Wilder shows up. Her snooping could blow his cover and get her killed,  but Ellie soon becomes a bigger threat to his heart than his investigation.

The updated version of Helpless Hearts should be available by Monday. I’ll announce the publication date for Wilder Hearts when I have it.  And hopefully, I’ll be starting book three, Hardened Hearts, sometime this month.

Please let me know what you think of my new covers!