SlightlyNoble_w9291_medYippee! This day was a long time coming, but it is finally release day for Slightly Noble, my Wild Rose Press historical e79bb-slightlytarnished_w5648_680release and a companion book to Slightly Tarnished.

Ever since I woke up this morning, I’ve been checking my email and Amazon, hoping for that elusive review. And I wasn’t disappointed.

I have a couple of nice reviews up on Amazon already, but the review that really made my day was on the Romance4thebeach blog site. I love my characters and I can’t tell you the joy and pride I feel when someone I’ve never met likes my characters and my story as much as I do. It’s like getting straight A’s on your report card or getting a raise or promotion at work because you’ve earned it and not because everyone else got one. It makes the stress, anxiety, and hard work put in to the writing process worth the struggle.


So, thank you, Laura of Romance4thebeach! Thank you!

Slightly Noble by Lilly Gayle

“Oh my God this book was just what I needed!! I have sort of been in a contemporary romance bubble for a while, so I’ve been craving a really good historical romance novel. This one definitely delivered. I mean, it’s got everything you need for a great historical read: sullied reputations, a sexy sea-captain, and discovering pleasure in oh so many wonderful ways.”