036Heroes don’t wear capes. They are not born; they are created. They are men and women forged in the fires of chaos and tragedy. They are ordinary people who risk their own lives when others duck or run. In times of great need, heroes are the men and women who step up and do what needs doing to save lives and get the job done. Heroes are our soldiers coming home from war. And the ones who never made it home. They are doctors, therapist, nurses, and technologists who tend the sick.  They are policeman, firemen, paramedics, EMT’s, and social workers. They are our neighbors and friends.

Heroes wear helmets and carry guns. They leave no one behind and they carry the wounded. They are Vietnam Veterans.037

And they are World War II Veterans like my mother’s uncle.

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Heroes served in the Korean War like my father-in-law.


They served on land…


On Sea…

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And by air.

They are newly graduated cadets destined to serve in Iraq or Afghanistan.


100_7397And they are soldiers like my son-in-law who served abroad.

Heroes are the men and women who reach out to help a stranger when others don’t wish to get involved. They are ordinary people who do extraordinary things. They are the brave men and women of our armed forces.

This Memorial Day, remember those Americans who served and those who gave their lives.

043“There are no extraordinary men, just extraordinary circumstances that ordinary men have to deal with.” ~Fleet Admiral William F. Halsey Jr.