What a fabulous Mother’s Day weekend. My husband and I spent the weekend at the beach and found this really cool restaurant in Jacksonville, NC that reminded me of Jacksonville, Florida. There was even a parrot. It was an awesome, all about me weekend. But I wasn’t completely selfish. I spent Friday with my folks and had a great time.

I took my parents lunch on Friday, complete with a dozen Subway cookies and a collapsible garden rake for my mom. She loves working in her flowers but Dad frequently misplaces her rake. The one I got her folds down so she can hide it from him. Then mom and I spent the afternoon going through some old family photos.

Going through those pictures with my mom meant so much. I brought most of them home with me so I can scan them and burn them to discs. Some are so frayed and faded, it’s hard to see the faces clearly. In that old box of photographs that once belonged to my grandmother, there was even pictures of my great, great, grandparents.  I haven’t scanned those yet, but when I do, I’ll post a blog dedicated to ancestors.

In the ones I’ve gone through so far, the most heart wrenching is a picture of my grandfather sitting on the front porch holding his three month old daughter. My dad and his brother are standing on either side of him, looking somewhat confused. My grandfather looks sad and weary. With good reason. His baby girl was dead and had been for several hours.

The child died in her crib while my grandmother was visiting her parents in Virginia. It was sometime around 1940. There were no laws  regulating the transport of bodies and so my great uncle drove my grandmother home with her dead child. The baby had never been photographed. And so, my grandfather posed with his daughter’s cold, blue body so his wife would have pictures of her only daughter.

It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about the courage that must have taken. On her part for bringing her child home to her daddy and on his part for holding his dead daughter so his wife could have that all precious photograph.

My grandparents are both gone now,. They’re once again united with that little girl they knew such a brief time. But I’m sure my dad thinks of his mom on this day and remembers all the things she did for him and the sacrifices she made.

I’m blessed to still have my parents with me and would like to take this moment to wish my mother a very happy Mother’s Day. Love you, Mom.