My website is awesome. My brother designed it and until recently, managed it. The entire site is dedicated to my first book, Out of the Darkness. It has cool links and character bios and the trailer for OTD opens in its own window with the click of a tab.

My brother is a graphic designer by trade. He’s also the father of two young boys, and he and his wife raise vegetables and chickens on their private little farm in rural North Carolina. The man has his hands full. And, I have two more books coming out so my website can no longer be about one book.

Slightly Tarnished is my first historical romance. The British-set tale of an English Earl and an American sea captain’s daughter is set to release from The Wild Rose Press June 3, 2011.

I also have another historical release, Wholesale Husband. This one is set in New York in the late 1800’s. There’s no cover or release date yet, but I’m soon going to be very busy adding books to my website. And bless his generous heart, my brother no longer has time to manage my site for free when he has a full time job that pays him to do work like this.

So, I’m going to take the plunge and try building my own website while maintaing a link to the current page my brother built. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions. Or a clue how Go Daddy works? My brother’s instructions sounded like so much Greek. And I took Latin in high school.

I feel a headache coming on….