New Year’s Eve is a special night for many of us, but this year, New Year’s Eve will be unusually special. This year, there will be a full moon. The second one this month, which makes it a blue moon.

And according to the statistics I’ve found, a blue moon on New Year’s eve only occurs once every nineteen years. There’s also going to be a partial lunar eclipse on New Year’s eve. Those of us who live in North And partial lunar eclipse occurs just once every fifteen to twenty years.

So, wow! How special is this New Year’s Eve going to be? What’s even more spectacular is that these two events are occurring on a New Year’s Eve that will be bringing to a close, the end of a decade. So, we have a Blue Moon and a partial lunar eclipse on the very night we end a decade. Is this an omen of evil? Or a sign of good things to come?

Or, do we make our own luck?

I’m a glass-half-full kind of gal. I say, we look at this as an awesome sign of good things to come in 2010. Let’s make 2010 count for something amazing, people.

Peace on Earth, Health, Happiness, and a very Happy New Year!