Wednesday, October 7, 2009
I have a release date!
OUT OF THE DARKNESS will be released on 6/18/10! Not quite as soon as I would have liked but the original release date was moved due to some in-house shifting of other titles. This could work to my advantage as there should be less competition with other vampire and wolf stories if it were released near lets say, Halloween. And OUT OF THE DARKNESS will make a good summer read so be sure to get your copy before heading to the lake or beach in late June of 2010. You can order a paper back version from,, or Or you can use the ISBN to order it from most bookstores.

Print ISBN: 1-60154-730-7
Print ISBN 13: 9781601547309

But, the book will also available in electronic format at a lower price. I don’t own an e-reader myself but I want one. I saw a woman reading from either a Kindle or Sony e-reader on the beach and while I was fumbling with pages and bookmarks and trying not to get suntan oil on the pages of my paperback, she touched a screen to turn the page. And I was amazed that the sun didn’t make it hard to read. I could see the clarity of the screen from my beach chair, six feet away.

OUT OF THE DARKNESS received a HOT rating. There is no graphic language or violence but there is some profanity and folks do die. After all, some blood must be shed. It IS a vampire romance! OUT OF THE DARKNESS is part of the Black Rose imprint of The Wild Rose Press and my editor, Lil Farrell has been fantastic. She really did make this book better with her suggestions.

Thanks Lil!

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