The Last Book in The Deadly Sins Series

Angel Awaited

The End has begun.
Heaven has fallen.
Abominations not seen since the dawn of the world are rising from the abyss.
And the only one with the power to stop it has aligned herself with Hell.

Michael, Prince of Angels, is ready and more than willing to fulfill his destiny as the one to slay the beast—and then the woman he’s waited millennia to love makes her stand at Satan’s side, and he can’t defeat one without destroying the other.

Dylan Quinn Benton, firstborn angel, is determined to stop the apocalypse before it begins—if that means handing Satan the Throne of Heaven, so be it. She’s seen too much blood shed to let anything stand in her way—least of all the seductively brooding Archangel, Michael.

Until one reckless kiss unravels her good intentions, threatening to ravage them all.

My Review:

I’ve read every book in the Deadly Sins Series, and I’m still in awe of the imagination and characterization Ms. Bear has brought to this series. Angel Awaited is no exception. The plot twists and turns kept me up at night, trying to figure out if Dylan was truly in league with the devil, if she’d been tricked, or if she had a plan to save humanity all along.

Angel Awaited surprised and delighted me with it’s intricate details and complicated plot. Biblical prophecy, demons, angels, and revelations are all woven into this intriguing tale that ties the rest of the books in this series together for one final showdown with the Devil that makes for a satisfying and sexy read.

Angel Awaited is available through Amazon and most other online retailers.

About the Author:

Bestselling Paranormal Romance and Romantic Suspense author, Andris Bear, weaves snark and dark wit into her sexy tales of demons, angels, and hot cops. Though she’s always loved to slip into a great story, the writing bug didn’t bite Andris until she had three small children–just in time to have not a moment to herself.

She loves sexy, bullheaded heroes, dark chocolate, and a strong cup of coffee. Get in the way of any one of those and there will be violence.

Though she currently resides near Raleigh, NC with her own dashing hero and their mini villains, you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and website,